“Nut/Cracked” with The Bang Group at Bard


2:00 pm / 7:30 pm • Saturday, December 20th 2014
2:00 pm • Sunday, December 21st 2014
Fisher Center, Bard College • Annandale-on-Hudson (NY)

OK … let’s just get it out there … this is not your grandmother’s “Nutcracker.”

Rather this is a beloved, witty response to the iconic seasonal favorite Nutcracker.

Choreographed by Bard alumnus David Parker and 2013 Guggenheim Fellow, The Bang Group has taken every little girl’s favorite Christmas show and torn it limb from limb. Nut/Cracked takes its inspiration from all corners of the dance canon, from tap riffs to en pointe ballet, by way of bubble wrap, disco, and Chinese take-out noodles. In Nut/Cracked, choreographer Parker finds beauty in the ridiculous, waltzing through many incarnations of Tchaikovsky’s score, including versions by Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller, as well as the traditional orchestral suite.

Nut/Cracked is a masterful mash-up of nostalgia, artistry, and fun. It unpacks the traditional holiday Nutcracker through a post modern dance lens that will make you feel as if you have just eaten a big plate of your very favorite holiday sweets and, joyfully, not gained one pound.” (The Huffington Post)

Expect tap dancing, singing and some unusual pointe shoe activity. Nothing is sacred as Nut/Cracked twists and melds various dance traditions into an ode to American eclecticism which honors the power of the human urge to dance while riding Tchaikovsky’s voluptuous waves of rhythm.

Note It is suggested that Nut/Cracked is suitable for ages 12 and up


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